We Base Our Business on 5 Key Concepts

  1. With Western Outdoor Properties, service comes first, last and always. If our customers are happy, we're happy.
  2. We use easy terms that everyone can understand.  There's no fine print to read and everything is put down in writing up front!
  3. Our 30 day money back guarantee is there to protect our customers like you.  We know you're taking a leap of faith buying online.  If for any reason you do not like your property, you can get your down payment back!  No questions asked!
  4. Transparency you can trust!  We meticulously research all of our properties and pass that information onto you.  Whether it's good, bad or ugly, we let you know up front! We personally visit the properties we sell and disclose everything we know!
  5. We want everyone to be able to own property.  To allow everyone the opportunity is the very reason there are no credit checks, low interest and low down payments.  How we do this is by using the actual property you are buying as the security for the loan.  No additional collateral is required! 

Here's how our financing works...

We use 2 contracts to secure financing.  These are all very simple and can be signed electronically using Docusign.  They are the following:


  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement - This states the price and what's included and who is paying for what as far as taxes, recording fees etc.  
  • Promissory Note - States the terms of the loan, contingencies and contains an amoritization schedule so you know exactly when your property will be paid off!


Once you decide to purchase a property, you make the down payment which includes the non refundable doc fee and we talk to make sure the terms work for you.  We then draw up all the documents and send them over to you to sign electronically via Docusign within 48 hours.  Once signed, the property is yours to enjoy and use as you wish!


You make your payments and once it is paid off, we send the documents to the county recorder with a Deed to put in your name.  It's that simple!




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